I love CrossFit because the program is so intense only people who are very goal-oriented become members," says John Paul Engel, president of Knowledge Capital Consulting
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I look at their LinkedIn profile to see what we have in common,” said John Paul Engel, president of Knowledge Capital Consulting and Lecturer of Entrepreneurship at The University of Iowa. “If we have connections in common I try to get a little insight, especially if that connection is a close one.
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Consumer research is easier because people are familiar with the product or service," says John Paul Engel of Knowledge Capital Consulting. "It's impossible to do a focus group or user testing in the abstract. However, it's fairly easy to buy some of the first movers' products and sit down with customers and find out what they do and don't like about it.
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When presented with a rude or odd question, you can always change it up and use it to showcase some of your good qualities. John Paul Engel calls this answering like a politician. For example, if asked about a scar, the founder of boutique management consulting group Knowledge Capital Consulting suggests, "Funny you should ask. I got that scar working on a family farm. Growing up I learned the importance of putting in an honest day's work for an honest day's pay.
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A real estate transaction requires a lot of people: lawyers, mortgage bankers, movers, furniture stores, storage centers, etc. Ask around who is the best [for their service] in town, and try to partner with those people," says John Paul Engel, a former Manhattan luxury real estate broker and current lecturer on entrepreneurship at the University of Iowa.
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You wouldn’t want a reference saying you lied on your expense report,” says John Paul Engel, president of Knowledge Capital Consulting. “You wouldn’t want the reference to talk about the Christmas party where you got drunk and harassed both the female and male members of your staff asking for sexual favors.
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The isolation of remote work has its own set of stresses. John Paul Engel, marketing consultant and chief executive of Knowledge Capital Consulting, says he overcomes the pressure of 24/7-availability by going for a run outside his Sioux City, Iowa, home office to clear his head—and to engage both sides of his brain to sort out a problem.
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John Paul Engel, who runs the boutique management consulting firm Knowledge Capital, believes that a big player in finance is going to have to get involved in decentralized currencies. Only then will bitcoin become legitimized in the eyes of credit card companies, payment processors and the local thrift. A respected market maker would have to step up and guarantee a market in bitcoins.
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When people work with me they become more than clients they become friends because I am invested in their success. Everyday owning a business is a learning experience. I am very happy it is what I have chosen to pursue in my life. Thanks to John Paul Engle, Knowledge Capital Consulting in business 10 years
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