For over 9 years, the largest IT consulting firm in Japan, has turned to Knowledge Capital to provide market research reports on the financial services industry, new technologies, and the government sector. We introduced the concepts of Social Networking Theory prior to Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter. We profiled marketing programs from financial services firms that were adapted by some of the largest banks in Japan. Our client values the depth and clarity of our reports and looks to us to identify new technologies and trends. Their senior management has relied on us to arranged C-level meetings with Fortune 500 financial services firms.



The CEO of Decathlon USA, a division of one of the largest sporting goods retailers in the world, came to us to help market the 2 Second Tent. From the first day our search engine strategy generated more sales to their online store than they had seen in months. In less, than six weeks, we achieved over 5,000 sales with an advertising spend of less than $12,000. Our ability to identify undervalued keywords drove hundreds of thousands of potential customers to their site in just a few weeks.


NTT Communications

The largest telecommunications firm in the world relied on us to produce a pilot distance education project with New York University. Using wireless and Internet 2 technologies we broadcasted NYU classes to a facility in Japan. Our role in the project involved securing the partnership with NYU, working with technology staff, trouble shooting, and securing all the resources to produce the project on time and under budget. This project proved that wireless technologies combined with Internet 2 could be used to broadcast content internationally at broadcast quality.



We completed several projects for Citibank. Using statistical profiling techniques we were able to identify early adopters of PC banking for small businesses. For Citibank California, we developed a business plan for the CitiGold, banking and brokerage products for high net worth individuals, that significantly increased profitability. This plan was adopted in all the markets in the US and Asia.



Working with Progressive's technical team we developed a program that enabled them to monitor the health of their website around the clock. Every few minutes we would send a bot to the site and if it encountered serious http error it would dial a pager to alert Progressive's IT staff.


Emerging Companies



We developed a low cost and highly effective online loyalty program for a high growth retailer. The program involved utilizing promotional dollars to cross sell brands into an existing customer base. For a very low start up cost we were able to customize a loyalty program to a database of over 3 million email addresses. The program created incentives for future purchases thereby enhancing customer loyalty while introducing customers to new brands.



Using contest marketing we were able to help this emerging gourmet food company develop an email database of thousands of potential customers using nothing more than PR and a six pack of salsa as an incentive. This program was one of their most successful direct to consumer initiatives.


Global Rhythm

This niche publication profiles the best in music and global culture. The introduction of MP3s seriously hurt the revenue base of the magazines advertisers. Faced with declining advertising revenue the business was struggling to survive. We introduced partnerships with World Press Review, and a new source of revenue, sponsorships by the commercial services of foreign embassies, that brought new life to the business. Repositioning content, the introduction of a radio program, and the launch of a content rich website positioned this business nicely to be acquired by a larger publication.


These are just a few ways we have helped our clients grow. Contact us today to see what the professionals at Knowledge Capital can do to help you grow your business.